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Name: gavronski

Country: Ukraine

Birth Date: 1955-05-01


Contact: 096 339 17 06

gavronski  Ukraine


My name Vladimir Gavronsky. I live and I work in Ukraine. In 1987 I have ended National art academy of design and architecture (èèðé). Education is a sculptor. Since 1983 I constantly take part in various art exhibitions. A member of the National Union of artists since 1994. I am the author more than 30 monuments, among which: a monument to known trainer V.Lobonovskomu, a monument to the first president of Federation of football of Ukraine V.Bannikovu, a monument to prince L.Golitsynu, a cup for football tournament in V.Lobanovskogo's prize. I 20 years work with various materials: bronze, a tree, a marble, ceramics.


Participation in exhibitions.  
2006 – «èÏÒÔÉÃÑ ÓËÒіÚØ ×іËÉ 2006», Zaporozhye;  
2006 – «þÁÒі×Îі ÂÁÒ×É äÎіÐÒÁ», Dnepropetrovsk;  
2006 – an exhibition by day of independence of Ukraine, Kiev;  
2006 – an exhibition by day of the artist, Kiev;  
2006 – a charitable exhibition-auction, Zaporozhye;  
2006 – «óÐÏËÕÓÁ», Gurzuf;  
2006 – a Christmas exhibition, Kiev;  
2007 – an exhibition of teachers úîôõ, Zaporozhye;  
2007 – a personal exhibition, Zaporozhye;  
2007 – «óÕÞÁÓÎÉÊ ËÒÁє×ÉÄ», Zaporozhye;  
2007 – «èÏÒÔÉÃÑ ÓËÒіÚØ ×іËÉ 2007», Zaporozhye;  
2007 – the international symposium of a sculpture on a stone, Kiev;  
2008 – an exhibition to 45 anniversary úïîóèõ, Zaporozhye;  
2008 – Triennale sculptures, Kiev;  
2008 – «óÕÍÓØËÁ ÐÁÌіÔÒÁ», Sumy;  
2008 – «èÏÒÔÉÃÑ ÓËÒіÚØ ×іËÉ 2008», Zaporozhye;  
2008 – an exhibition to the 75 anniversary of the Union of artists of Ukraine, Kiev;  
2008 – «þÁÒі×Îі ÂÁÒ×É äÎіÐÒÁ», Dnepropetrovsk. 
gavronski ------- Sculpture/Escultura Clean Water

Exhibit Name: Nazar? 2009

Title: Clean Water ( )


Price: 0------

Size: 0x0

Art: Sculpture/Escultura

Technique: -------


Nazar? 2009
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