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Name: karroturajubabu

Art: art

Country: India

Birth Date: 0000-00-00

Contact: +919866092953

karroturajubabu art India


I was born in a small village. I grew up with the flavor of soil and stunning natural beauty all around my childhood. The beauty and peasant culture of my birth place is what first awakened the inner inspiration and adventure to express myself through art. I spent my major part of my life amidst innocent villagers and cattle.  
Life is an artists’ best teacher and my style of interpreting its beauty- and despair-are images of my own views. My subjects were culled not from myth or history, but from the social milieu my belonged to.  
I express my personal reactions to what I see in line, color, and texture, saying what I can’t say in words.  
: K. Raju Babu 1978 Educational Qualification : B.A; Profession : self taught Artist 


one solo
karroturajubabu Abstract Expressionism Painting/Pintura an obstacle

Exhibit Name: simple folk

Title: an obstacle ( 2008)


Price: 700Dolar

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Acrylic



How did you start in Art?

by birth

Who is/was your master?


Do you think that training is Important or prefer self-taught?

self taugt

It is possible to live from Art?


Transpiration or inspiration?


Your 3 Favorite Artists Living and Dead


Work of art that you would like to be the Author and Why

Is there a Price for Art?

for gift

Everything can be art or are there limits?


Digital Art. Yes or no?


simple folk
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