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Name: kbalueva
Art: painting
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1963-07-24
Contact: +7 911 2435103

kbalueva painting Russia

I was born in Moscow region in 1963. It is grateful to the mum and the stepfather for strict education in the childhood, the imparted diligence, for possibility to receive music education (piano) and to go in for sports (sports gymnastics). The educational institution Choice was made by parents. I have not gone to study in painting and did not become the teacher of music. In the footsteps of my great-grandfathers (the Moscow merchants) in 17 years has plunged into the trade world (trade and economic faculty - evening branch of Institute of G.V.Plehanov (nowadays Academy), Moscow, work in the Ministry of Trade of Russia). In 20 years - a birth of the son. After the institute termination continued to raise the formation and in 27 years has opened the enterprise. Having won competition of young businessmen of Russia, organised by Americans, 8 months studied at university of Hartford and passed practice in Connecticut. After returning to Russia has lost interest to business. If you can not change a working condition if you do not consider normal all difficulties of business if you feel not on the place, it is possible to refuse it. It is not simple, but is happy that the choice has been made I has allowed to be carried out to the dream - to study painting (Institute of art creativity, Moscow), having plunged into the new world - dialogue, knowledge, reflexions (Low bow to my teacher - Natalia Alekseeva-Shtolder.) In Moscow I had two exhibitions, one of them personal (2004). 3 years ago has moved from Moscow to St.-Petersburg. In 2005 there has passed an exhibition of my works in Nabokov's museum, St.-Petersburg.

2003, 2004 - Moscow,
2005 - St.-Petersburg, Russia.


Exhibit Name: still life
Title: Blue still life ( 2004)
Price: 500 Euro
Size: 0x0
Art: Painting/Pintura
Technique: Oil


kbalueva Expressionism Painting/Pintura The Crimean landscape
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still life
kbalueva Expressionism Painting/Pintura Home still life
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