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Name: Igor Shatskov
Art: Painter
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1958-06-29
Contact: +7 9035066052

Igor Shatskov Painter Russia

Was born in Moscow. To draw has begun with the childhood. Studied at art school. In 1980г. Has finished Culture institute. The painter. Since 1997 the participant of the international collective exhibitions on painting (France, Germany, Switzerland). Works are in the Darvinian museum, the Timirjazevsky museum, museums and private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Switzerland. 
Lives and works in Moscow.

Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France 1997, 1998гг.  
Munich, Germany 1997  
Stuttgart, Germany 1998, 1999гг. Hamburg, Germany 1999, 2000  
Düsseldorf, Germany 1999г. Cologne, Germany 1999, 2001гг. 
Wiesbaden, Germany 2004, 2005гг. 
Zurich, Switzerland 2006-2008 
Moscow, Information centre of the United Nations 2006, 2008 
Moscow, Industrial Trading Bank 2007, 2008 
Moscow, hotel Redisson Slavic 2007, 2008 
Moscow, "Arena" «Traditions and the present» 2009 
Moscow, the Moscow Fund of Culture of 2009 
Moscow, project «Psychedelica», century "Kurchatovsky" 2009г. 
Moscow, the project "Monochrome", gallery "A-3", 2010г. 
Moscow, the project «Hommage», gallery "A-3", 2010г. 
Now a constant exposition in gallery "Russian-Art" Zurich, Switzerland

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