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Mehriban Efendi

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Name: magicmery

Art: fine art,oil painting,acrylic

Country: Azerbaijan

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


Contact: 055 639 39 46

magicmery fine art,oil painting,acrylic Azerbaijan


 I was born in Baku, Azebaijan Republic. I attended Baku State Art School named A. Azimzadeh, and Moscow Animated cartoon school of Soyuz Multfilm. Paricipating in many creative fields, I have exhibited my collections of dresses and other works as an artist. These have been displayed in many galleries not only at Azerbaijan Republic but also other countries. I work in the film studio of Azerbaijanfilm as the head of the department of costumes and requisites and as an art director and costume designer in feature films ,advertisings and TV serials.  
in 2010 won the award of Radianceas a contemporary artist,the film of Absurdistan where I worked as a costume designer won 2 prizes as the best costumein France at the film festival of Cinema and costumes of Moulinsand in Macedonia at the festival of Scopjia Macedonia also I was nominated to the best costume designer of Germany by German Film Academy. 
In 2012 I was awarded by Journalist organization of Azerbaijan to the Prize of Flaq of Azerbaijan and Master Profy  
Usually nice music can drive me up, and I may lose the sense of the reality. 
I have enjoyed painting since I widely opened my eyes to this fantastic world. When I was 5 years old, I felt an unusual feeling of being close to God, Space, and Universe. That mystic sense is the major challenge of inspiration, which leads me to imagination to put everything from subconsciousness to the consciousness on paper.  
My favorite colour is turquoise. 
I love color, and that is my primary tool of expression. I like to use colour to highten the emotion of the natural world. Also unusual combinations of symbols, figures, and lines are the major characteristics that my art works have in common. I use color in abstract pieces to show balance, transformation, and interaction of energies.  
love to mix mediums.Also my favorite medium is oil on canvas,acrylic and water colours.Also I use a special combination of an unusual mixture which only could be seen with close look up or never! 
Also I mix all my art pictures with my energy .  
Where can we find more of your work: 
The web site created in Britain by Adrian Durham ( who is a great person and talanted designer ) is a place to know me better at 
Some more recent news could be read at 


2012- Group exhibition to celebrate Conimbriga museum of Portugal- “International Surrealism Now” ,Portugal.  
2012- Group exhibition at the “Art Takes Time square” in Boadway,New York ,USA 
2012- Group exhibition of “Arts and Awarnes”,Montana ,USA 
2011-Group exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan 
2010—International exhibition of “Surrealism Now” by Bissaya Barreto foundation,Portugal.Coimbra.Museum house of Bissaya Barreto. 
2009—International exhibition “Made in Arnhem” at the Contemporary Art museum of Arnhem,Nederland,Arnhem. 
2009-Group exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan  
2008—Personal exhibition at the” Hyatt Regency Hotel “ 
2008 --Group exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan  
2007—Group exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan  
2006---Personal exhibition in ISR Plaza (presentation of the film by Elnur Aliyev of “Mehriban Efendi 
2005---- Personal exhibition in ” Spiritual Centre” - -----Bigfork, Montana,USA 
2003--- Cyberart to the dining table ,Zest Café Gallery------ Glinelg, Australia 
2002 ---Group exhibitions the Gallery of ‘SettarBehlulzade”---- Baku, Azerbaijan  
2001-- International exhibition of 15 artists in the Azerbaijan International Relationships Center Gallery Baku,Azerbaijan 
1997-- Group exhibition -in the gallery of the Union of Azerbaijan artists--. Baku,Azerbaijan 
1995-- Personal exhibition at the exhibition dedicated to 80 years of the Azerbaijan movie and 100 years of the World Movie ------Baku, Azerbaijan 
1994-- personal exhibition in the XII---International film festival of Africa and South America -----Tashkent Uzbekistan 
magicmery Abstract Drawing/Desenho The path to the peace

Exhibit Name: Mehriban Efendi

Title: The path to the peace ( 2005)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 1500Euro

Size: 30x40 Cm

Art: Drawing/Desenho

Technique: Acrylic

Comments: on prints available too.

Mehriban Efendi
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