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Name: aleksey_motorin

Art: Painting

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 0000-00-00


aleksey_motorin Painting Russia


Aleksey Motorin (1924 - 2004) 
1977 – awarded with the title “Honored Artist of Russia”. 
1984 – awarded with the title “People’s Artist of Russia”. 
1939-1941 – studied in M.A.Vrubel Art College in Omsk. 
1946-1949 – studied in the Art College in Irkutsk. 
1949-1955 – studied in the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga, Latvia. 
The works can be found in the following museums: 
- Ulyanovsk Art Museum 
- Belgorod Art Museum 
- Orenburg Art Museum 
- Cherepovets Art Museum 
- Irkutsk Art Museum 
- Mordovia Art Museum 
- Chuvashia Art Museum 
The paintings are presented in galleries: Banks Fine Art (Dallas, USA), Caelt Gallery (London, UK). 
1956-1985 – was the Head of Ulyanovsk Regional Department of the Artists Union of Russia 
Was a member of the Administration of the Artists Union of Russia and the USSR
aleksey_motorin Realism

Exhibit Name: Surf

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Comments: Media:Illustration board, oil 
Size:49.00 x 79.00 cm / 19.6 x 31.6 in 

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At the Sea
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Kuibyshev Hydroelectric Power Plant
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Girl of Altai Mountains
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