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Name: sanjay dorlikar

Art: painting

Country: India

Birth Date: 0000-00-00

Contact: 9821534458

sanjay dorlikar painting India


SANJAY J. DORLIKAR ( Artist ) painter , working as an freelance artist in Mumbai . 
Born on 27 june 1977 , residence of Chandrapur , town in Maharashtra. Passed Engineering diploma ( Ind. Electronics ) from Chandrapur polytechnic college . chandrapur in year 2000.  
Moved to Mumbai in year 2002 to pursue passion towards . painting. got chance to work with Portrait artist at Kala ghoda art circle Mumbai. as an portrait artist .In year 2005 start to paint Buddha series. acrylic on canvas . since 2005 to 2009 paints hundreds of Buddha , most of theme are sold out in India and Abroad. 
since 2010 changed subject... start new series Mountains acrylic on tinted paper and canvas . expressive landscapes with minimal colour pallete and few expresive brush strokes .during this series travelled several time and spent time on Wild Top of hill station MANCHI PRABAL near panvel , to study perspective of landscape from top of hill station . 
almost all paintings sold out . collections in India And Abroad. 
In year 2011 moved in VARANASI to study spiritual life of sages . In this period fall in love with Nathalie Arini ( Sitarist , painter ) artist , from France, she was studying sitar in Varanasi. stayed together for six months in Varanasi . Got married with Nathalie Arini in 2012 , moved in New Mumbai. 
Started new series BABA in 2013 , most of theme are imaginary faces of sages. with expressive brush strokes to convey varieties of expressions and feelings .since 2013 sold thousands of Baba paintings In India and Abroad......still working on BABA series ....ENDLESS JOURNEY OF LIFE ....endless journey of Painter into infinite dimensions of Universe .........  


regular exibition at Kala Ghoda Art Circle , 
Mumbai .


Exhibit Name: Baba
Title: ( 2017)
Sale: For Sale
Price: 1700 Euro
Size: 0x0


sanjay dorlikar  

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sanjay dorlikar  

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