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Name: saqwert
Art: Paiting
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 1961-11-10

saqwert Paiting Russia

Igor Medvedev was born in Novopskov city in the Lugansk region of Eastern Ukraine. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology with a degree in Physical Chemistry and went on to work as an engineer for the next 3 years. While working, he began studying art history at the Open University of the Soviet Union, eventually giving up engineering to become a teacher of fine art at a local college.  
Since 1990 Igor has been painting full time and exhibiting his work in various galleries and salons. His first solo exhibition took place in November 1990 at the Lithuanian State Youth Theatre in Vilnius. His paintings are regularly displayed at the galleries Kitai Gorod and Fleyta in Moscow and at the Prefecture of Zelenograd where the painter currently lives. Many of Igor Medvedev's works have also been acquired by private collectors. 

1990 Lublin - Warsaw - Gdansk 
1992 Gallery "Fleyta", Moscow, regularly exhibitions since 1995 
1992 Gallery "Strogino", Moscow 
1992 Jointly with the creative group "Zhivaya voda", Hamburg 
1993 Traveling exhibition of the gallery "Russkiy Dom", Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda 
1994 Gallery "Elena", St-Petersburg 
1995 Jointly with the group of Independent Guild of Moscow Painters, Helsinki 
1996 Kremlin Palace of Congresses, Moscow 
1997 Gallery "Stojary", Kiev 
1998 Art Salon at Central House of Artists, Moscow 
1998 Zelenograd Prefecture, regularly exhibitions since 1998 
1999 Arts Salon at Manege, Moscow  
2000 Gallery "Ritas", Vilnius 

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