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Name: schwankamal

Art: bildhauer

Country: Germany

Birth Date: 1967-07-01


Contact: -

schwankamal bildhauer Germany


Born in Sulaymynia / Iraq  
Member of BBK  
Join Iraqiartist  
1982-1987 (Diploma of fin art) at the Art Institute Sulymania 
at Prof.Dara Hama Saeid  
1987-1988 Master at Prof.Ismaeil Fatah  
1988-1991 (Ba elor of fin art) at the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts 
at Prof.Salh Karagoli  
1991 - 1993 Lecturer in the Art Institute Sulymania  
1993-1995 Freelance artist in Ira  
1995 For political reasons, refugees in Germany  
1996-2000 Modeling and sand in the form of art foundry Kittel in Dusseldorf  
since 2000 Models in the form of sand Metallbildhauerei Rolf Kayser / Dusseldorf  
since 1997  
schwankamal Realism Sculpture/Escultura aspakan

Exhibit Name: -

Title: aspakan ( 2008)

Sale: For Sale

Price: 0------

Size: 150x0 Cm

Art: Sculpture/Escultura

Technique: Engraving


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