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Name: sterkhov

Art: painting

Country: Russia

Birth Date: 1968-04-24


Contact: +7 911 725 4533

sterkhov painting Russia


Konstantin Sterkhov 
Russian artist 
Graduated from Repin Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Graphic Department 
Member of Saint-Petersburg Water-colour Society 
Participant of local and international exhibitions 
Teaching Art Courses in Russia and abroad 
Graphic design and projects for different companies 
Has his Art works in private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, Austria, Holland, Italy. 
I do not remember a time when I was not drawing or painting. My uncle was a professional painter and he always gave me artistic inspiration. He was my first teacher. After school, I studied graphics at University. During those four years I received a solid foundation in professional graphics. However, I was aware that this was only a step to something greater. Actually the choice was made already during the first year of university - I knew I wanted to attend the oldest traditional artistic school in Russia – Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg.  
After 4 years of foundation work, I felt confident enough to apply to this honorable Academy. The Repin Academy is a place where even the walls can teach - students have the opportunity to bathe in the rich traditions and artistic atmosphere. The environment stimulates the desire for artistic exchange and learning, enhanced by the large number of unique art museums in St. Petersburg. The professors see it as one of their duties to pass on the traditions and deep artistic knowledge from past alumni to present day and future generations of students. 
The Academy leaves a deep impression on the life of every graduate that passes through its gates. The influence of the Academy’s teachings can be witnessed through different works of art whatever the genre or medium. 
On graduation, I focused more on design, showing my work at exhibitions and selling pieces from time to time. Also I started teaching Art Basics and giving some short art courses in Europe. The country which influenced my painting the most was Finland. Its nature is very similar to the place where I was born. I spent my childhood in a place surrounded by forests and lakes. Finland, with its blue and green mosaics and bountiful waters and accompanying reflections, reminds me of my childhood impressions… 
My favorite technique is water-color. It gives me the opportunity to express myself. I like the spontaneity of water. One has to be really flexible to operate with it. It has the ability to flow. The artist has to let it flow when he works with water-colors. These reflections of lakes and rivers, harbors and boats appear to be created for water-color painting. Water and reflections, wind, sky, clouds and boats have become the objects for my painting.  
My work and travel made it possible for me to discover China – a previous unknown to me. That country lies behind a Great Wall. We know very little about it in Europe. I was lucky to be sent to a beautiful place where traditions and modern life blend together. I was invited to teach art basics in a college for designers and stylists. The management of the college has a great vision and taste for beauty and art. All the interiors and environment of that place reminds one of the old China. The brand new buildings contain many antique features, some of which are over 100 years old. Some of the architecture displays styles prevalent during the previous centuries.  
Certainly these aesthetics have a great influence on the students and faculty of the college, not to mention a profound effect on my interest in China. I have started learning more about Chinese art, looking at old paintings, and asking people about their history. In this mood I have painted a series of works symbolizing my impressions of China. They are based on nature because I have been impressed by my new surroundings. My environment is filled with new objects of interest – sufficient enough to keep me inspired. It is a new kind of beauty – new faces, new patterns, new textures. All the works have been painted in one building. I would call the series “Windows and Doors”. The whole building is filled with beautifully ornate wooden carvings on the doors and windows. The day light shining through the windows casts the shadows on the walls and the floor. The inner yard has no roof but it gives such an isolated feeling as if you were in a different world – no future, no past, only the present. 


Exhibitions, group 
• Water-color society Biennale Art Bridge, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
• Water-color international exhibition, Vitebsk, Belorussia 
• Water-color society Biennale Art Bridge, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
• Russians in China, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
• The Water Museum, Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia 
• Art Bridge, International Biennale, Manezh, St.Petersburg, Russia 
Exhibitions, single 
• Kävely, Café Art Turku, Finland 
• exhibition, joutsenon opisto, Finland 
• exhibition, itä-hämeen opisto, Finland 
• In the Mood of Classic, Café Art, Turku, Finland 
• exhibition, Hartola, Finland 
• exhibition, joutsenon opisto, Finland 
• exhibition, itä-hämeen opisto, Finland 
• exhibition, joutsenon opisto, Finland 
• exhibition, joutsenon opisto, Finland 
2000- 2002 
• a portrait exhibition in a private women society, Germany, Berlin 
• exhibition, joutsenon opisto, Finland 
• exhibition, Kihniö Art college, Finland  
• Sahaja-yoga center, exhibition, Munich, Germany 
• exhibition, Espoo, Finland, 
• exhibition of International Children Portraits for USWRC, Vienna, Austria 
sterkhov Romantic realism Painting/Pintura Beauty with a Flower

Exhibit Name:

Title: Beauty with a Flower ( 2006)


Price: 800Euro

Size: 0x0

Art: Painting/Pintura

Technique: Watercolor

Comments: has been painted in China, idea of Madonna

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