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Name: stoyanvl

Art: fine art

Country: United States

Birth Date: 1965-08-04


Contact: 9546553193

stoyanvl fine art United States


Born: Sliven, Bulgaria 
Education: 1995 M.F.A in Fine Arts, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria 
Professional experience: 
1985-1990-art teacher Sliven,Bulgaria 
1991-1997: portrait and caricature artist, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria 
1998-present:paintings and portrait artist, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 


Selected exhibitions: 
2014-Art Florida Biennial Competition & Exhibit presented by Broward Art Guild Juried by Miles Laventhall 
2013 - NextDoor 695 W. Dirersey Parkway , Chicago , Il , 60614 
2013 - Artist Haven Gallery- International Juried Competition 
2012 - Gallery 'Shipka 6' Sofia,Bulgaria  
2012 - Sunny Beach,Bulgaria 
2012 – Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2011 – Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2010 – Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2009 - Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2008 - Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2007 - Richard Daley Center, Chicago, IL 
2006-Art Gallery Naples,FL 
2004-Art Gallery Fort Lauderdale,FL 
2003-Art Gallery Lake Warth,FL 
2002 –Art Gallery Boca Raton,FL 
2001-Art Gallery West Palm Beach,FL 
2000-Art Gallery Fort Lauderdale,FL 
1999-Art Gallery Vero Beach,FL 
1998- Art Gallery Palm Beach,FL 
1998-Art Gallery Fort Pierce,FL 
1997-Art Gallery Stuart,FL


Exhibit Name: painting
Title: Family House ( 2014)
Sale: For Sale
Price: 325 Dolar
Size: 18x18 Inch
Art: Painting/Pintura
Technique: Acrylic
Comments: New,original,signed,colorful



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