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Name: veronika nicolaeva
Art: Graphics
Country: Russia
Birth Date: 0000-00-00
Contact: +7 916-838-27-73

veronika nicolaeva Graphics Russia

Nicolaeva Veronika was born in a Saratov, Russia.  
Has finished Architectural Faculty of the Saratov Technical Academy.  
The trade: architect.  
In 1985 the first personal exhibition of graphic.  
In 1988-1990 - a number of vanguard exhibitions-actions in structure of group Yellow Mountain . (including an exhibition of group in the Central House of the Artist in Moscow).  
With 1993 for 2003 lives in St.-Petersburg.  
Participation in exhibitions in LENEXPO with other artists and creative groups. Personal projects-performances with theatrical collectives and theatres of contact improvisation. The project of theatrical show for a casino Conti, development of scenography. Works in the field of a book and journal illustration.  
(publishing house Young Petersburg , the organization the Union of Creative Youth , publishing house Peter , magazines: World Internet , BYTE).  
Work in design-studios and publishing houses as the graphic designer.  
Since 2004 lives and works in Moscow. Participation in the international competitions of graphic design. A number of works in private collections in Russia and abroad. Projects of performances and club shows. 
Creative credo-visual art in all displays, interrelations of different trades, the thinking leaving for areas of certain laws of a certain kind. The innovation arises from synthesis of laws of the arts at first sight incompatible, and in practice being different foreshortening of one.  

In 1985 the first personal exhibition of graphics. The house of scientists. Saratov. Russia 
In 1988 -1989 - a number of vanguard exhibitions-actions in structure of group " Yellow Mountain ". Saratov.Russia 
1990 - exhibition in the Central House of the artist. Moscow. Russia 
1993 – 2003 exhibitions and performances in the gallerys of the St.-Petersburg: " A vagrant dog ", "Eve", 
" The house of the Union of Artists ". Russia 
2007 - A multi-genre art-project in the style of live art in the club “Ulica OGI”.Moscow.Russia. 


Exhibit Name: color graphics
Title: ?To Iosif Brodsky? ( 1995)
Price: 1000 Euro
Size: 0x0
Art: Painting/Pintura
Technique: Watercolor


color graphics
veronika nicolaeva Modernism Painting/Pintura ?Ecstasy from power?
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