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Name: vladin vladev

Art: abstract

Birth Date: 1968-03-31


Contact: 00359 889986050

vladin vladev abstract


The artist Vladin Vladev was born on March 31, 1968 in Varna, Bulgaria.He lived and worked in Innsbruck, Austria, from 1997 to 2001. He has created works of the expressive art.His art is impacted by the heritage of ancient cultures, seen through the eyes of the modern world. His works are owned by galleries and private collections in Austria,Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria,Russia, USA, Greece ,Uk,Egypt,UAE,Monacco,Switzerland,Luxemburg,China  
He is a member of San Francisco Artist Guild since 2007. 
Nowadays the artist Mr. Vladev lives and works in Varna, Bulgaria.  


2000 - Varna Municipality,Varna ,Bulgaria 
2010-Club Magnito,Marina Dinevi 
2010-Gallerie Bertrand Kass-Innsbruck,Austria 
2010-Estence Castle,Ferrara,Italy 
2011-Pall Mall Gallery,London,UK 
2011-Galerie Bertrand Kass,Innsbruck,Austria 
2013-Lanrun international arts center,Beijing,China 
2013-Biennale Chianciano Terme,Italy 
2013-Moya Gallery ,Vienna,Austria 
2014-Lanrun International Arts Center,Beijing,China 
2015-Torre de Finlanda,Torino,Italy 
2001 - Monzer gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 
2002 - Monzer gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 
2007 - Art People Gallery, San Francisco, USA 
2008 - Art People Gallery, San Francisco, USA 
2008 - Sagamore Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA 
2008 - Art Basel, Miami beach, Florida, USA 
2008 - International workshop, Bankia, Bulgaria 
2010-participant in Art Project"40 Years Landing Mann on the Moon"-Florence,Rome, Italy 
2010-participant of the Art Fair Innsbruck,Austria 
2010-participant in ART fair,Reggio Emilia,Italy 
2011-participant in Art Fair Innsbruck,Austria 
2011-particiopant in Art Fair Carrara,Massa,Italy 
2011-Gallerie Thurnhofer,Wien,Austria 
2012-participant in Art Fair Innsbruck,Austria 
2013-participating in Innsbruck Art Fair,Innsbruck,Austria 
2013-Participating in Biennale Chianchiano Terme,Italy 
2013-Partiicipating in Beijing Art Expo,Beijing,China 
2013.-particippation in Vienna Showcase,Vienna,Austria 
2013-Art Basel Miami.Miami,Florida ,Us 
2014-Art Monaco,Monaco 
2014-Art Expo Beijing,China 


Exhibit Name:
Title: ( 2016)
Sale: For Sale
Price: 750 Euro
Size: 0x0

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